12 June 2011

The Sunday Catnap

Top: The Limited, $15
Skirt: Old Navy, realllly old
Heels: Dillards, $30
Necklace: The Body Shop, $2

I promise I ironed this skirt today.  What you are seeing in the pictures though, is compliments of my lovely little...long... Sunday nap.  I seriously believe that I sleep more than 90% of the population.  But I honestly can't help it.  My ultimate record is sleeping for 3 hours in my friends dormroom- while they were blasting music and having a dance party.  I'm not even exaggerating.  Also, my mom used to drive me around when I was really little and couldn't sleep.  Thanks to that I now involuntarily fall asleep in every car/train/boat/airplane ride within the first 30 minutes.  Whether or not I have had a full night of sleep before hand has absolutely no effect.  

Does anybody else have this issue?  Or am I just not getting enough sleep vitamins...


  1. I love the fuller skirt paired with that pretty white top. It's a bit silly, but a lot of the things I love and wear often are older things. The two soft colors are so pretty together :)

  2. I am a horrible napper... love the idea but just can't seem to relax enough mid-day to grab some sleep. It does sound blissful though!

    Adore that pink striped skirt on you ... nap-wrinkles and all :)

    ❤ Cat brideblu

  3. I like this :) And yes, I've seen with my own eyes that you have a sleeping problem!!


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