02 June 2011

A New Job and a Blogger Swap


Dress: Target, $40
Belt: Swap with Ramsey 
Shoes: Walmart, $10

Today was one of those really good days.  It wasn't filled with hanging out with tons of friends or shopping to my hearts content- but the realization of how incredibly blessed I am to have so many opportunities in front of me.  Mainly speaking of my 2 summer internships, the second of which I started today!

Internship 1 is the same job as last year, as an assistant in the TN state 4-H Office.  4-H is a youth development organization that is seriously filled with fun, friends, competitions, and allll kinds of good stuff.   I was really involved in 4-H during my high school years, so to be able to be paid to do all of the things I used to love doing as a participant is simply amazing.  Everyday is different in this job, and I actually travel alot, which is awesome.  Some days I'm teaching sessions on anything from sewing to leadership skills (and making up my own curriculum!) and other days I'm working with social media and alumni affairs.  

Because this is already a longer than normal post, I'll hold off and write about internship 2 tomorrow.  But just a tad bit to hold you over- I get to work with all spectrums of marketing with both West Town and Knoxville Center Malls.  And what does my long term assignment book look like?  Organizing the mall's own back to school fashion show and Fashion Night Out.  Incredible?  Yes. 

Last thing today... Did you notice my awesome little belt via swap with Ramsey??  We're doing a little blogger swap, which you will be seeing more of in the next little bit.  I'm so excited to see what she comes up with for the things I sent her.  And if you haven't seen her blog before (which you should have)  then go right now.  Seriously.  She puts together the most amazing outfits, all on a college girl budget!  


  1. So glad you love the new job! And I'm super glad you were able to use the belt! Can't wait to see what you do with the rest! And that doggie is just the sweetest.

  2. Not only are your outfits adorable... you take your pictures in such a magical green place! So nice, all around!


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