21 June 2011

So much for thrifty (5 of 30)

Skirt: Francesca's, $30
Top: J.Crew, $30
Sandals: Walmart, $10
Necklace: Forever 21, $5

Good news- I've been doing the 30 for 30 every. single. day.  Bad news- It's been difficult to get pictures lately.  I'll get them up though!  Also, how ironic is it that my very last post I blogged about how thrifty I was, and now I'm wearing a $75 outfit??  I know some people would consider an outfit under $100 a good deal, but not me.  Under $50 is pretty good, Under $20 or 30,  now that's the best.  

I also learned that although this braided hairstyle kept my hair in place all day, it definitely was notttt a good move for my face shape.  Oh well. You win some; you lose some.  


  1. Really love this look!And i think the necklace is just too cute!


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