20 July 2010

Summer Nights

Dress: Target, $17
Shoes: Target, $24
Necklace: Vintage from my grandma
Clutch (actually just a makeup bag)- Sephora, gift

The State Winner's Banquet and Donor's Reception at Tennessee 4-H Roundup

First off, sorry for the awful picture quality. I think this calls for a new camera sometime soon! But anyways, I had to work at this banquet and donor reception tonight, and the dress was formal. I wanted to stick with a shorter length, but stay work appropriate, since this event was technically part of my job. I'm pretty dang proud of staying in my 30 for 30 (ok, so I may have bought this dress specifically for this event... and the fact its easy to remix... but thats a minor detail) I added the leopard print heels for a somewhat edgy look, plus the fact that they were the only pair in my 30 that actually looked decent. Oh man, I'll be excited to being back to a full wardrobe!


  1. Wow. I never would have guessed this was a Target dress. It looks wonderful on you. Great color and everything.


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