24 July 2010

Missing Number Nine

Skirt (actually a dress)- Target, gift
Top: Target, $10
Wedges: Target, $20
Belt: NY & Co., $4

Running around at State 4-H Roundup... I may have changed into sandals :)

So I actually wore this a few days ago and totally thought I posted it until I looked back and realized my blog went from outfit 8 to outfit 10. But anyways...

Remember my dress from outfit #1? I decided to really try and think outside of the box functionality wise, and this is what I came up with. Since the bodice of the dress was fitted, it was pretty easy to just put this ruffle sleeved top over it and belt it. So now I'm wondering how hard it would be to turn this dress into a top. hmmm...


  1. Your clothes for 30 for 30 have all been too cute so far. I'll be doing my own when I return home from working in summer camp. Definitely following you :)


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