19 July 2010

Hot Days

Skirt: Target, $3
Top: Gifted
Belt: Vintage from my Mom
Shoes: Old Navy, $9
Necklace: Target, $9
Ring: Charlotte Russe, $4

The beginning of State 4-H Roundup, a weeklong teen conference.

Sorry for the terrible backgrounds and not so well put together outfits... it's been quite a long week so far. Surprisingly, I still haven't cheated one bit on the 30 for 30- I've worn my items everyday, even on the weekends! Unfortunately, since I'm on a weeklong trip for work it's a little bit harder to get my daily pictures- I'll update on the past few days soon enough though! Until then, here is today's outfit- just a simple white top and bright skirt. I added a vintage belt and some fun accessories though... just about the only extra things I can handle in this west Tennessee heat!


  1. I. Love. That. Necklace.

  2. That skirt is adorable!

  3. Thank you :)
    They have the necklace at Target right now btw!


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