02 July 2010

Summer Scarves

This is my bunny, Benny :)

Dress: Aerie, $10
Denim Jacket: Gadzooks, $25
Sandals: Forever 21, $20
Scarf: Old Navy, $9
Belt: New York and Company, $4
Earrings: Puerto Rico
Ring: Charlotte Russe, $4

Work- we had pool duty today to keep track of our 300+ kids that are here on campus for 4-H Electric Camp.

I know lots of people who refuse to wear scarves unless it's cold out... However, cool lightweight scarves can be a great accessory to your warm weather outfits too. I added this colorful triangle shaped scarf to my simple white dropwaist dress for an easy but put together summer look.


  1. hi! i found your blog today via kendi's & put you on my google reader right away! your style is so cute and i love your photography. good luck on her challenge. :)

  2. Thank you :)
    I've been finding so many good blogs from Kendi's too!


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