19 March 2012

What I've been up to...

I thought Spring Break would be filled with cute outfits, cute food, tons of pictures, and tons of productivity.  Well, at least I got one decent outfit out of the mix...

Recently I've been living in dark skinnies, some sort of plain (preferably white, cream, or striped) top, and a jumble of bracelets and watches.  Oh, and sandals.  Because summer decided to show up early this year.  

Again, the absence.  Somehow blogging and life just haven't been blending well lately. However, that's for some really good (and a few really bad) reasons.  

1. Good grades in classes- heck yes!  This is thanks to many late nights, and a few wonderful and intelligent friends.  I knew there was a reason I was doing that stuff...

2. Summer Internships!  I don't want to jinx this one before it even works out,  but I've been in contact with three awesome companies about doing some marketing work this summer.  I don't know what will end up happening, or even if I'll get an offer from any of the three... But one company is located at a beach, one is a global firm with some killer networking opportunities... and one company is flying me to New York City to interview in person.  Excited? Beyond words.   

3. I'm really involved in our school's chapter of Women in Business, one of the most active clubs here at SVC, and I recently got the position of President for this upcoming year!  I can't wait to work with our executive board- one of our first events is to plan and pull off the TOMS Day Without Shoes!

I hope you all are having a wonderful springtime!

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