29 February 2012

When you feel down- Dress up.

Outfit Details
Skirt: Thrifted, $3
Top: H&M, $15
Belt: Gap Outlet, $5
Boots: Gift from Mom
Tights: who knows...
Jacket: Superrrrr Old

I've always sworn by dressing up when you're just not feeling awesome.  Regardless of the reason you might not be feeling perfect, putting on a nice outfit and a smile will totally turn your day around.

I kept it fairly simple- no need to go all out- but stuck to things I feel good in: a skirt, tall boots, and a simple color palette.  

What do you do on your down days?

1 comment:

  1. I love this outfit...Boots are my favorite. I look forward to the cold weather so I can break them out every year.


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