02 February 2012

The denim shirt.

The other day one of my best friends texted me to tell me that she and her room-mate, another one of my closest friends, had been checking out my blog and they had noticed a constantly recurring item.  This item popped up so often, in fact, that they made a game out of finding it in as many posts as possible.  

What was the item?  My J. Crew chambray shirt.  And honestly, they are so right.  I spent $40 on the shirt- which is a size able amount for me- but I bought it because I knew I would get use out of it.  I now consider that $40 shirt a better deal than some super clearance $5 tops I may only wear a time or two.  

Wearing things repetitively is sometimes a controversial thing in the fashion world, but I think it couldn't be more awesome.  Buy something you love, that fits you well, and that is somewhat classic.  Wear.  Wash.  Repeat.  I'm all for it!  What are some items you've put in your closet's hall of fame?

A Collection of Chambray Shirt Photos... And this isn't even all inclusive.

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  1. Hahahaha the greatest blog post EVER. But hey, it's a great shirt!


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