30 January 2012

Greg's Swearing In

You may have noticed the contemplative tone on life and the future in my last blog.  Those thoughts are mainly thanks to this past weekend.  

Greg was sworn into the US Army Dental Corps as a Second Lieutenant.  This means that he'll be attending dental school in Memphis, TN for the next 4 years.  After that, he'll apply for a residency on an army base in the US where he will learn how to be an Oral Surgeon (he's interested in facial reconstruction, but he also learns how to do wisdom teeth surgeries and things like that.)  The residency will take another 4 years, and my fingers are crossed for the Hawaii location ;)  After that, he owes the military 4 years as an oral surgeon- Although he can request particular locations, nothing is promised.  So he could be put anywhere, but again, my fingers are crossed- Germany for that one.  After that (a total of 12 years down the road) he will decide whether to stay in the military or to go back to civilian life as a private practice doctor.  

Now that's quite a few super big decisions- but most of them are pretty far down the road.  

Although it really is an awesome deal for Greg, I am so super proud of him.  He's worked super hard to get into dental school, and just as hard to get accepted into the Dental Corps- He's one of only 40 in the entire country to be chosen.  So of course, I made the trip home this weekend to watch the swearing in and to celebrate afterwards.

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