23 February 2012

More from Last Weekend

As a blogger, what do you post about when all you do is go to class?  You milk the weekend for all you can, that's what.  Last Saturday (after taking a practice GMAT...) we headed to downtown Pittsburgh for a little night out.  Trying to be adventurous, we had Ethiopion food for dinner at a little restaurant called Abay (which is actually what my friends call me when we're joking around.) It was REALLY different. You order a couple of things- meats, vegetables, sauces- and then it all comes out on this really thin bread called injera.  The kicker? No utensils.  Instead, you use the injera to scoop it up into your mouth.  Classy.  Let me tell you...

Oh yes, and then we went to the casino.  And I won 36¢

Outfit Details
Jeans: Target, $20
Top: Charlotte Russe, $5
Jacket: superrrrr old
Boots: Target, $30
Scarf: Target, $5
Bag: Old Navy, $4
Watch: Thrifted, $2

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