22 May 2012

So far

Yesterday I started my internship, and although I wish I had taken a few outfit pictures, it was rainy and I've sadly gotten out of the habit.  My first day I wore a cream and black printed dress with a skinny gold belt and black pumps, and then today I went classic and wore a black pencil skirt with a black and white ruffle blouse (that the Chief Operating Officer complimented me on!) 

So far my internship is going really well; the company is letting me do so much!  It's also just really awesome to get to work with a non-profit that I'm personally passionate about.  

Something not so awesome though- I was curling my hair Sunday afternoon and the iron slipped out of my hand... And onto my face.  Thanks to that, I now have a scarface looking burn from the corner of my mouth down to my chin.  Awesome, right?  To top it off, because I did it Sunday, I have no idea how to explain it to my new wo-workers, who haven't yet seen the "normal" me.  For now, I just haven't mentioned it- and neither have they... I'll let you know how that one goes.  

How has everyone's first few weeks of summer gone?  Any embarrassing moments like mine?

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