13 May 2012

Sweet Summertime

With finals wrapping up this past week, it's been quite hectic out here.  Thankfully, they weren't too bad, and after finishing my tests I got to spend a wonderful night out for the birthday of one of my best friends before packing up and heading home. 

I'm currently home in Knoxville to celebrate my little sister's high school graduation tomorrow (yay!!) but will be moving for the summer to... Washington, DC!

As I mentioned a few posts back, I was really stressed out about finding a great internship for this summer- going into the application process I figured it would be pretty simple, as I already have two internships and 5 years work experience under my belt... false.  I applied to countless positions, was fortunate enough to interview for several... but then reached mostly dead ends.  Although I would love to get into travel and tourism marketing, I had really been thinking about going into the non-profit sector.  After praying about it, I happened to see a job notice on twitter; of course I jumped on it.  Less than a week later, I found out that I was being offered the incredible internship- Intern for Marketing and Brand Development at the National 4-H Center.

I'm soooo excited to get started (a week from tomorrow!) and to spend the summer in our nation's capitol. One of my most fashionable friends from Spain lives there, and we already have some lovely weekend plans in the works :)  Another little exciting thing- some of the American girls I met while studying abroad will be having a reunion over the 4th of July in Washington, DC.  Since we're normally scattered all over the country, it's something we're all looking forward to.  

I did some DIY projects today and can't wait to share them as soon as they're finished- so yay for new blog content!  

I hope everyone is enjoying Mother's Day and your summers are off to just as wonderful a start as mine!!

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