29 January 2010

I just love this necklace

One huge difference about living up north (I'm actually from Tennessee) is the crazy weather. It hasn't been too cold of a winter, but today it got down to 12 degrees! For my first post I really wanted to take some cute pictures outside wearing a dress and tights... but due to the slushy snow and frigid temperatures, I'm confined to the dorms for now and I'll have to postpone the pretty backgrounds for a slightly warmer and prettier day.

On to today's outfit- As you are soon to discover, I'm quite the bargain shopper. I love the thrill of finding a good sale or getting an almost steal at a cute little vintage shop. Despite my obsession with shopping though, one of my favorite places to find new pieces is my mom's closet. The necklace below actually belonged to her grandmother, who passed it on to her. I've decided to keep the tradition going :)

I wanted to keep it simple today since I have several classes back to back (and also because of the weather) I was trying to go for a casual slightly vintage and girly look. I have a hard time mixing up it up with the vest though; I usually just wear it with a navy or cream top and jeans. How would you wear it?

Jeans: T.J. Maxx Turtleneck:Target Vest: Charlotte Russe Boots: Burlington Coat Factory Necklace: Vintage

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