13 September 2011

Feather Earrings DIY

                    Francesca's, $14                                                                         DIY, cost of $4 (with extra materials leftover!)    

So I've been dying for a pair of peacock feather earrings.  I bought a pair at Francesca's, but while walking through Hobby Lobby an hour or so later I realized I could make them myself!  The store bought earrings went back to their shelves and $10 went back to my wallet.   Success.      

Prepare yourselves.  This is pretty much the easiest DIY ever

Total Cost:  <$5 
Total Time: 5 minutes 
Materials needed: 
1 package of desired size peacock feathers- For this tutorial you will need to get feathers that are already bound and have a little plastic loop to string them.  I bought Fancy Feathers (pictured below) at Hobby Lobby.    
1 package wire earrings (the kind that don't have anything dangling off of them)
1 pair scissors     
(1 pair wire pliers- I didn't use these but some people might need to)

Step 1:  Hold the feathers up to your ear and decide how big you want them to be.  The feathers I purchased had a super long black feather attached to the back that I did not like. After you decide how big you want them, trim the sides and bottom to desired size.  I also rounded the edges to give mine more of a typical "feather" shape.  After you cut the first feather, hold it in front of the second one as you cut it so that they are the same size and shape

Step 2: Using wire pliers (or your fingers if you're good at this type of thing) pinch open the bottom of the wire earring and thread it through the plastic loop on one of the feathers.  

Step 3: Using pliers or your fingers, tightly clamp the wire earring so that it won't come out.

^That's chocolate under my fingernails, not dirt.  Brownies for lunch=win

All done! Enjoy your new (cheap!) earrings!  

Ideas for leftover supplies
Make another pair of earrings (duh)
Make a keychain
Glue the feathers and some beads to a black headband
Glue the feathers to a picture frame
Thread the feathers through a chain and wear it like a necklace!  

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  1. Great DIY! I love feathers and this is a great idea! I think I'll probably try this.


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