19 September 2011

Fair Time

Greg went for the ultimate nachos.  I chose the Fried Green Tomato Burger.  I chose the better dinner. Obviously.

Fried Green Tomato Burger.  Mhmmmmm.  

Before and After shots of my dress! And our penguin, story to follow.

Dress: Thrifted and upcycled, $3
Belt: NY&Co., $2
Necklace: Puerto Rico, 50¢
Wedges: Modcloth, $30

I wanted chocolate and sprinkle covered strawberries on a stick.  Greg wanted a funnel cake.  He got what he wanted- this time... And here's why:

Since neither Greg or I had ever really been to the fair, I had a mental fair checklist.  Included was to try a crazy fried food (Fried Kool-aid and Fried Banana pudding was garnering my interest,) to win a stuffed animal, and to ride at least one thing.  First off, the stuffed animal.  We thought we had a strategy.    We looked around for a game that looked pretty fool proof, and settled on the dart balloon game.  All you had to do to win was hit a balloon from less than 3 feet away.  "FIVE Dollars and a guaranteed prize!"  The worker pointed at us and we were sold.  Mistake One.  She gives me a dart and we hand over a $5 bill.  I somehow manage to hit 4 balloons- with one dart.  Clearly this game was made to sucker people in.  I win a little bitty pink animal.  Yay, mission accomplished. But somehow the trained scamstress tricks us into throwing 3 more darts, and then demands another $15. We said no thanks, we would just settle for the little animal.  But nope, at this point we "Owed it no her.  No questions asked."  So we walked away, large blue penguin in tow, $20 poorer, and much smarter.  

We named him Scammer.  


  1. hahaha! best story ever. I once had a video about a penguin named Scamper. so close.

  2. i love your outfit!!
    kisses from prague and have a great day!!!

  3. Dear Abby,
    There is a picture in your header of a white dress with buttons and such around the collar. I have looked through every post you've ever written, I swear. And ya know, I STILL cannot find it! Please be a doll and redirect me to it :)
    Have fun in SPAINNNNN!!!!


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