12 September 2011

Southern Football Games

I'm back! For good this time *hopefully* thanks to a brand new charger Greg ordered for me.  First up, pictures of the UT game on Saturday!

We were sitting on the UPPER deck.  I zoomed into the field to get a picture of Smokey, and got this.  Probably the most hilarious thing ever.  


You can't really see it, but they played a commercial during the game of John H. Daniels, a custom tailor from Knoxville, sewing Head coach Derek Dooley's bright orange pants.  So ironic since I had just sewed my bright orange skirt!  If I find the commercial, I'll definitely post it.  Such a good promo.  



Top: Old Navy, $6
Skirt: Self Made, cost of $5
Sandals: Payless, $7
Watch: Target, gift
Sunglasses: Forever 21, $5
Clutch: Free with Clinique purchase (Gotta love the freebies!)

You know how you can grow up with something and never realize it's unusual until you see it done differently?  Well in the South, people dress up to go to football games.  Not all people, not all games.  But its not unusual to see college kids in ties or dresses.  Personally, I kind of love this because I appreciate any opportunity to dress up.  The catch is, it is SO hard to find something cute and this specific shade of orange.  I have no idea where all of the girls are getting their dresses, and I did some serious hunting.  After multiple unfruitful shopping trips, I gave up and bought fabric the night before.  I made this skirt the morning of the game, and although it's nothing special, it definitely fulfilled the need!


  1. This skirt is so cute! Too bad my sewing skills aren't all that awesome yet. I am going to my first UT game at the beginning of October and I purchased my first UT shirt this weekend. I'm excited!

  2. Wow you made that skirt!?!?! Um, can I have one?

  3. check this out abs...

  4. i LOVE that skirt, the little pleats and waistband are so cute. you are talented!

    and girls and guys definitely dressed up for my college's football games too but i was one of those people who wore jeans and a college t-shirt! nowadays i probably would dress up though!


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