08 December 2011

Thanksgiving and Lack Thereof

I almost didn't post this because it's a little behind, but the pictures were already loaded, so here we go...
Spain, along with the rest of Europe, does not celebrate Thanksgiving (therefore, Viernes Negro, Black Friday, means nothing here too!) However, since I came with an American study abroad company and I'm studying at a school for foreigners, Thanksgiving managed to weasel its way into Spain for us.  To start out with, our morning Spanish class had a Fiesta!  There was tons of food and snacks, juices, and even champagne for mimosas!  You know when your teacher drinks with you in a morning class that you're just not in America anymore.  

It was Lisa's birthday as well, hence the Spanish Birthday greetings!

My super awesome room-mate, Natalie, and our Thanksgiving outfits!

At night, our study abroad organization took us out to dinner... and surprised us with a full American Thanksgiving spread!  

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