14 December 2011

If I were to have a Christmas List

Although I've saved for quite a bit to help pay for this trip (and all of the mini trips too) this semester in Spain would not have been possible without help from my family.  I am so incredibly thankful for their graciousness to make this trip possible.  With that said, this trip pretty much is/will be my Christmas for the next few years- which I am totally fine with.  I am so excited to be home with my family and celebrate Christmas how it should be celebrated- with the focus on the true meaning of Christmas. 

However, it's always fun to google pretty things, so if I were to have a Christmas list, this is what it would look like...

Non Clothing/Shoes/Accessory Items

1)  An espresso machine.  During the semester I work in a coffee shop, and I have grown to love a good latte in the morning.  But who can afford to pay $4 for one everyday?  
2) Photoshop.  So that I can edit pictures on my own and add effects without having to use something like Picnik... See below for further examples on why this would be helpful.
3) A cute mini-fridge.  The past two years, my room-mate and I shared her fridge.  But after studying abroad I am going to (hopefully) be in my own room, and need one for myself!
4) A vespa.  I think a light, non pearly blue is the color for me, but I certainly wouldn't turn any down.  Obviously, this is one of the more "dream on" type of gifts, but after my Vespa experience, they'll always have a fond place in my heart.  


5) A fur vest.  So maybe these vests were more "on trend" in years past... But it wasn't until this year that I realized how much I would actually wear one.  

6) Leopard Loafers.  So ugly, so cute at the same time.  I would love to wear these with some jean capris, a black blazer, and a statement necklace.  

7) This TOMS sweatshirt.  TOMS are one of those things that I was completely not attracted to until I received my first pair for Christmas last year.  It's safe to say that I'm now completely obsessed.  If you haven't heard about their movement, check it out, right now.  Such a worthy cause, and such an awesome sweatshirt- it even has hidden pockets!

8) Pretty brown boots.  I've been searching for the perfect pair to splurge on for almost 2 years.  I would love a tall cognac colored pair with just a tiny bit of detail- like these side buckles.  

9) Vintage big glasses.  While I love my glasses, I generally wear them for practicality.  While in Europe, I've noticed that most people treat glasses as just another accessory.  My favorite kind are some like these- tortoiseshell brown that are slightly vintage looking (kind of like, smaller Ray-bans with a tiny cat eye.)

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  1. I am so glad to know that I am not the only person who has been searching for the pair of tall cognac boots to splurge on!


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