09 December 2011

Well Hi There, London

Another late post!  Three weeks ago, I went to visit my friend, Sara, who is studying in England for the semester.  I was only there for the weekend, which wasn't nearly enough time, but it was awesome to hang out with her and have some time in an English speaking country!

Also, when packing for trips I generally take into consideration what colors will look best with the places I'm going to be seeing.... Ridiculous, I know.  Apparently, it's become obvious enough that my friends can tell.  Oops?

Day One Outfit
Striped Tunic: H&M, €7
Cardigan: Stradivarias, €12
Leggings: H&M, $5
Boots: Madden Girl for Belk, $15

In Spain, breakfast is toast and coffee.  In England, a full breakfast consists of scrambled eggs, Canadian bacon, sausage, grilled tomatoe and mushrooms, fried toast, and baked beans- Love!

Although they were totally fine with pictures, this was super intimidating!  My leg muscles around my knee are actually jutting out a little because I was so tense.  I thank the machine gun and the war vet for that.  Also, I didn't know this, but they wear thick gray coats over the red jackets in the winter.

Harry Potter!

Saturday, my only full day, we visited Windsor Castle, the Queen's weekend residence, which was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip.  What a crazy mix of old, new and absolutely gorgeous! We also saw Platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter at Kings Cross Station, and took in some sights. 

Day Two Outfit
Skirt: Forever 21, $10
Blouse: Banana Republic, gift from Greg
Cardigan: Old Navy, $12
Tights:, $10
Oxfords:, $50
Belt: Mom's, Vintage

The last day I only had a few hours to look around before heading to the airport.  We totally made it worthwhile though and visited The Tower of London, London Bridge and the Big Ben area for morning fog pictures.

Day Three Outfit
Jeans: Target $15
Top: J. Crew Outlet, $30
Sweater Thing: H&M, €15
Boots: Madden Girl for Belk, $15


  1. Ah, London looks gorgeous! And that's hilarious about how plan your outfits!

  2. Glad to hear you had such a great time in London. I always forget how lucky I am to live there.

    Your outfits are gorgeous, very stylish :)
    I especially like the one you wore to Windsor castle <3



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