19 December 2010

Catch up!

My 30 for 30 is finished and over the next couple days I'm going to try and get up pictures from the last half in which I didn't have a camera. Also, although I'm a little disappointed in my lack of blogging, I think it paid off in the long run, I made an A in my Chinese class AND Dean's list. I hope everyone's Holiday week has started out good too!

So here's the first batch of catch up outfits...

PRO: See the bare legs and sheer tights?! Yay for East Tennessee weather!
CON: See the lack of jewelry? It's because I accidentally left all but TWO necklaces in my dorm in Pittsburgh. Apparently my face was pretty priceless when I realized that... well I know what I'll be begging for during Christmas- cheap jewelry.


  1. I love #16 - that polka dot blouse is so cute! And yay for not having to wear tights in December. :)

  2. I really like outfit #17. The purple skirt is adorable! Living is Pittsburgh must have made you used to the cold! I live in East Tennessee and it has been cold the last few weeks (unusually cold). It is finally starting to warm back up!

  3. Either I just realized this or I have a bad memory but you are in school in Pittsburgh... that is like 40 minutes from me.

    BTW I love all your outfits but I decided to not comment "I love this" to everything.

  4. thank you :)

    And yes to Pittsburgh! I'm actually in Latrobe though, it's about 40 minutes outside of the city


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