29 December 2010

Good side Bad Side.

The Good Side
The Bad Side

{Skirt: Abercrombie}{Top (tunic): The Limited}{Tights: ?}{Belt: Charlotte Russe}
{Cardigan: J.Crew}{Oxfords: Urban Outfitters}

Does anyone else ever notice having a good side or bad side? Well I've noticed that about myself ever since the beginning of high school. Whenever I bring it up people just say I'm being paranoid- well here's the proof! There's definitely an undeniable difference. ALSO, why is it that I always have good hair on my bad side??


  1. What a darling skirt. I was just thinking how lovely your hair is! Is it naturally that wavy, or do you have to style it? By the way, I think it is just the lighting. I think you look great in both shots.
    No Guilt Fashion

  2. i totally have a bad side! everyone does...did you ever watch sister,sister growing up? i remember that was always what tia and tamara's mom would say GET MY GOOD SIDE! lol

  3. haha, Thank you!
    And no, my hair is naturally stick straight. I just like to experiment alot :)


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