01 August 2010

Kid Friendly

Shorts: Old Navy, $4
Top: Banana Republic, $25
Shoes: Forever 21, $8 (Temporarily taking place of the MIA forever 21 gladiators)
Ribbon Headband: gift
Bracelets: Rue 21, $3

Though my internship this summer I've learned so much about dressing for the part you want to portray with the people around you in various situations. For example, on days when I'm working in the office I usually wear something semi-professional with my own personal and fun touches to show that while I take my job seriously, I still enjoy (and want to enjoy!) it. When I work with kids I want to portray myself as an authority figure- but one that they can still totally relate to and have fun with. I think I've finally found the perfect balance- for "kid friendly" days, I normally wear bright colors with some kind of a fun touch, usually not with much jewelry because of the constant running around. I try to avoid plain Tshirts and sneakers because I still want to be seen as someone they can go to for "adult help."

*Confession- I actually wore longer white shorts instead of these while with the kids.... but I'd rather cheat just a little bit to be safe

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