13 August 2010

The Substitute Skirt

Skirt: Old Navy, $15
Top: J.Crew, gift
Belt: Target, $12
Earrings: Vintage, my mom's
Sandals: Forever 21, $17

Ok, I know... this skirt wasn't in my original 30 items, but I'm not cheating, at least not intentionally. In my original 30 I had included fabric that I planned on making a skirt out of... and although I'm definitely not complaining, I've been way busier than I thought I would be this past month, and haven't had time to make it. So I finally gave in and substituted this cargo skirt from Old Navy instead. PLUS, this is outfit #18, and the first time I've worn this top.

Looking at other blogs I've noticed that I included hardly any outer pieces for layering when compared to everyone else. It definitely has its pros and cons. As for the pros, I use less pieces to create each outfit, so I don't have to rewear things too often, and in this terrible summer heat (it hardly gets under 90ยบ) thats not a bad thing! The only con is that my outfits look simpler than normal... but in the end, the heat wins and I go for simple.

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