05 July 2011

The bland day

Skirt: H&M, $16
Top: Old Navy, $5
Scarf: Old Navy, $9
Necklace: Gift
Sandals: Forever 21, $15
Sunglasses: Forever 21, $5

I spent this past long weekend relaxing (and getting sunburned) at the lake, hanging out with my family and my boy, making some delicious cake pops, and sleeping alotttt.  So get ready for a few catch-up posts!  

This outfit is from last Thursday, when I was just burned out (having few clean and even fewer put away clean clothes just kills your creativity.) As you can see, it was a good thing I took a quick blog break :)

For me, scarves are always my go-to to spice up a boring outfit- even in the summer!  I've found that lightweight summer scarves are perfect for keeping you a little warm in a chilly office without overheating you when you go outside.  Perfect!  

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  1. I have that exact same skirt in navy blue, and I wear it with a taupe top and scarf - it's like the exact inverse of your outfit!


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