06 July 2011

The Fourth

Pants: Old Navy, $5
Top: J. Crew Outlet, $35
Belt: Forever 21, $3
Sandals: Forever 21, $15

Oh hey, speaking of that shirt that I just wore... here it is again!  In real life though, there was a four day gap.  And it was washed... maybe. Details aside, here are some pictures from my fourth of July.  From tons of good food (red velvet cake pops anyone??) to lots of good company and some good ole patriotism, it was a good day.  What about you?  Any fun plans from the fourth?


  1. question: what do you use to dip your cake pops in....I make "truffles"...which are the same thing (red velvet ones and oreo ones...) but when I saw the red ones i wondered....i used white chocolate candy almond you use food coloring? LOL i was curious!

  2. that's an adorable outfit! i seriously LOVE cake pops. weakness!

  3. Your outfit is amazing! I wan't a pair of white pants so much! They are so classic and always look great. I also love the USA pops. Such a great idea!

  4. I love the way you wrapped the end of the belt around the buckle!


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