09 July 2011

Long post ahead...


Top: Forever 21, $7
Shorts: J. Crew Outlet, $25
Scarf: Target, $2
Purse: The Limited, $25
Sandals: Forever 21, $15
Bracelets: Gifts, Forever 21, Old Navy, Rue 21

I'm gonna be honest- I don't even know what number outfit I'm on of the 30 for 30.  I'm guessing around 15?  But I'll figure that out in a little bit.  I also noticed a few things about this challenge so far- there are so many items I haven't even worn (well, I've worn them, but not "officially") like these awesome shorts!  Even though they're slightly too close to the shade of my legs at the moment, I'm pretty much in love with them.  I'm also pretty relieved that I finally wore this scarf- I bought it last summer and had never found the right outfit for it.  

So yesterday after taking these pictures, Greg and I wondered over to the Grocery store to find something cheap and as healthy as possible to make for dinner.  You see, for meals he does NOTHING but eat out, and that habit has followed over to me, and I'm starting to see the side effects of that on my bank account and the general tightening of my clothes (Yikes!)  So here is the picture story of our night in.  As a bonus, the only thing we bought were chicken breasts ($3.24!)  The rest came from my padre's garden!  

I couldn't get the whole garden in one picture...

How anyone could ever eat this much fresh dill in their LIFETIME is absolutely beyond me.

More herbs!  

Sometimes things fall from the vine and split, making them undesirable to us, but extremely desirable to Eeyore!

Our picks from today

And this is just ONE squash and cucumber.

Left- Greg's, seasoned with herbs, banana, jalapeno, and chili peppers.  
Right- Mine, with herbs, and later cheese, tomatoes, and pecans!

The finished meal.  

Complete with a frozen diet coke

And a smiley faced pepper.


  1. You're so adorable! Lovely blog.


  2. I love love love the pale pink shorts. I've been looking for a pair that isn't too short for ages. :) Yours are the perfect length.


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