20 July 2011

This week

This week I have been working my little tail off at Tennessee 4-H Roundup.  It's truly a wonderful event, but I've been running from one thing to the next (in many different types of heels!) ever since Saturday.  Unfortunately, blogging has taken a back seat, and I was expecting to log back in and see nothing new... but new comments and new followers?!  Thank you all so much for your sweet words, they mean so much to me!! 

Anyways, until we can get back to the outfits, here are some pictures from my week

Samantha and Hannah both serve on the state leadership council, and are two awesome girls!  Not to mention, they're always dressed cute

The senior breakfast is a difficult event for me- for some reason I always sleep late that morning!! 

 Knox County Delegation

 We made HUNDREDS of these paper flowers.  

Personal Development Project Group 

I knew Beth's older sister when I was in 4-H, and I initiated Kade here into 4-H Honor club back when I was in high school- and he was so much smaller!!

Donors reception

Competitors with their visuals

 Listening to accounts from kids with military families

 Mr. Beaty was my Eastern Region 4-H specialist, Regional Leadership Council Advisor, and is the dad of one of my best friends and 4-H buddy, Morgan.  

Competitors!  I met Nicole (in the yellow) during a service learning trip, and she is one of the cutest, sweetest girls ever! Her older sister Megan is in the blue, and doesn't she have the best hair?! 

Taylre is Morgan's little sister, and little Nathan here served on Leadership council with me!

I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work with such a great group of kids- and to be supported and mentored by some truly awesome co-workers!  

I always thought I wanted to work in fashion marketing- but this summer is really making me wonder if I would rather work in non-profit, specifically with 4-H!  Being the clothes/makeup/marketing/events lover that I am, I never thought this would be the right fit for me, but who knows!  

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  1. Looks like it was such an amazing opportunity!
    Come back soon :)

    Just wanted to stop by and let you know I gave you an award (totally cheesy) but you definitely deserve it.

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