15 August 2011

Beach Post!

Well I'm finally back! Here are some snapshots of my week- including many pictures of food. Prepare to be hungry. 

I called this the sebastian sandwhich.  Obviously it was Greg's

Fresh markets for food each day?  Yes, please. 

lunch.  so good. 

What's the beach without a seafood boil?

Duck Donuts.  If you go to the Outer Banks, this should be a definite stop for you!

Creepy crawlers.

mi padre :)


Scallops, mashed potatoes, and some sort of sauce. Delish.


  1. I love love love that nail polish color.

    && these photos are super fun :)

  2. OMG I just got back from the Outerbanks too! I didn't stay in Kitty Hawk, we stay a little further north in Duck. I absolutely LOVE the Outerbanks.

  3. Hi there! I completely forgot to email you! So sorry, but at least I fiiinaly got your clothes back!

  4. Those donuts look incredible!! Also, I have a really similar nail polish color - it's a fun one.


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