05 August 2011

Bright Pants

Capris: Old Navy, $4
Chambray Shirt: J Crew Outlet, $35
Nude Pumps: Dillard's, $30
Necklace: Banana Republic Outlet, $6

I bought these pants 4 years ago.... and I've worn them once.  For some reason though, I've really been in the mood for resurrecting older items.  Yeah they're a little tight, but what can you expect from high school pants?  

Also, I almost didn't buy this shirt (refer to previous post about $30 being a splurge for me.) And I think I've gotten $100 worth of wear out of it.  J.Crew better keep making versions of this shirt, because I definitely see myself buying another one (or more!) when this one finally goes out.  

Which brings me to my final point for today.  I generally never worry about items "dying" because there aren't too many things I wear into the ground.  But I can generally tell if something is going to be that type of item in the first week or two.  And I'm almost always tempted to go back and buy another exact replicate.  Has anyone ever actually bought replicates of something?


  1. Abby, your ability to style a chambray shirt amazes me!! I have one, love it, and have an impossible time deciding what to do with it! Teach me your ways hahaha.

    And yes, I have bought replicas of items! In particular, my riding boots. Bought them at Target for fifty bucks last August, wore them DOWN, found them for $25 in January, bought those, replaced the soles on the original pair in June. THAT is love.

  2. Amazing color combination! The shirt was definitely worth the price :)

    I've once bought two pairs of nude wedges. After wearing the first pair for a week and realizing that they are the comfiest shoes alive, I had to have a back-up.

  3. i love this look, simple and chic!

  4. Abs, any time I buy a pair of shoes, I buy them in two colors. I can't help myself. I've also done this with a couple shirts, and MAYBE a cardigan...or two.

  5. I love these pants! The color is to die for and they look amazing on you.

    I buy duplicates all the time. When I find something I love, I buy in bulk, especially with jeans and a good ol' tee shirt.

    I often try to buy them in different colors. Like I recently purchased the same dress at Kohls in brown and gray. I'm getting a ton of wear out of them; I almost wish I bought more!

  6. Hey, I would love to use one of these pictures in an upcoming post. Of course, I would link back to you. Love those capris BTW.


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