04 February 2010

The Bow Scarf

Sweater: Pacsun
Jeans: TJ Maxx
Boots: Charlotte Russe
Scarf: Old Navy

Giving tours in my lovely job in admissions, and of course, classes

I really really hate it when I plan out an outfit but forget to set it out the night before, then in the morning rush can't find something I needed. I was planning on wearing a bright turquoise sweater that matched this scarf PERFECTLY. And wouldn't you know it was nowhere to be found. The purple sweater is just a tiny bit off, but I promise in in real life you could barely tell. I did get to try something new today though- the bow scarf. I've been seeing it in lots of fashion blogs and have been dying to get the courage to try it out. I think it turned out pretty well, but like one of my friends said, it's not an everyday thing. What about you, would you wear your scarf this way?


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