11 February 2010

Computer Application: Dress Assistant

The other day my friend Zach showed me the most amazing computer application. I seriously feel as though it was made for me! When I first came to college I took pictures of all of my clothes and cataloged them into a database on my computer so I could browse without the mess. This amazing application is actually a virtual closet- It lets you upload pictures of your clothes into categories like sweaters, dresses, t-shirts, pants, and even jewelry! And it doesn't end there! It has a blank screen to the side where you can drag you own clothing items onto in order to make outfits (kind of like polyvore actually). The application then allows you to save your outfits so that anytime you're in a hurry you can simply choose one and go. What an awesome invention for our busy lives! I find myself styling a plethora of outfits in my spare time on the weekends so that Monday-Friday all I have to do is go to my computer and pick one. For $19.95 this application is definitely worth it! (Compatible with Macs, PCs, and even iPhones)

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  1. I downloaded the demo version! So cool! It will probably be my next purchase :)

  2. It seriously helps SO much up at school. I can completely pick out an outfit, accessories, shoes and all without digging through drawers. Plus, it eliminates the "OMG I totally forgot about this top!" thing :)


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