23 February 2010

My New Boots

Hello dear readers!

I haven't posted in quite some time due to being sick and then midterms on top of that. However I intend to fully make it up to you as I fill my Spring Break with shopping, styling, and posts and website updates galore :)

Although I do love the snow (and it's a good thing- we've gotten 3 feet and I literally haven't seen grass for weeks) I've been praying for rain and slush. I know, this sounds completely absurd, but I have my reasons. Every year for my birthday my parents usually buy me one small thing and give some money to go along with it. While I normally save it and/or use it for amazing after Christmas cheapies, this year I splurged on the most gorgeous pair of Kate Spade Rainboots. Anyone close to me knows I never spend much on ANYTHING. In fact, the outfit I'm currently wearing cost me under $30 (minus the boots- outfit post to come!) However, after seeing Jessica of whatiwore wear a pair of marc by marc jacobs wellies time and time again, I decided I wanted a cute yet classic pair that would last me a long time. So the search began... The Kate Spade boots were love at first sight, seriously. Although I searched for a cheaper alternative, nothing quite compared. I reasoned with myself for weeks over these boots- but ultimately, I knew they would last (both in quality and in classic style), and I knew I could count on them for both casual and slightly nicer events. Of course, I finally bought the boots. As soon as the boots came in the mail any buyers remorse I had was completely gone. I LOVE these boots. I love them so much I find myself wishing for rain when I wake up so that I can turn to one of the (many) looks I already have styled for my beloved new footwear. Although some might consider these boots hardly a splurge ($125 original price - 15% discount = about $106) for the quality they offer, it was defintely hard for me to fork over that much for one item. So dear readers, how do you treat splurges? Do you research them and think them over for awhile first? Or do you simply buy what you love- no questions asked? I'd love to know!


P.S. Isn't the outfit inspiration super cute?! The Kate Spade Collection really outdid themselves- everything in their lookbook is styled flawlessly, check it out on their website at!

Outfit Inspiration used from

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