25 February 2010

Cold but Cute


Dress: Forever 21, $20
Turtleneck: Target, $7
Tights:, $12
Flats: Ross Dress for Less, $15
Trench: Old Navy $9
Bracelet: Thrift Store, $5
Headband: Really old


Classes- only one more day until Spring Break! Although it seems to have come at a little weird time: the middle of a snowstorm. I’m definitely looking forward to heading home down south!


I noticed I’ve been wearing jeans too much lately- granted the weather has been pretty ridiculous- but I do miss my skirts and dresses, so I figured I would dress nice today :) I really do love this outfit though, it was inspired by a similar one from Jessica of whatiwore. Also, the tights just came in the mail yesterday, boy do I love getting things in the mail- especially during exam week!!!

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