18 November 2010

1/3 Done!

{Jeans: TJ Maxx}{Top: The Limited}{Blazer: Thrifted}{Belt/Necklace? Francesca's}
{Necklace: Puerto Rican Market}{Flats: Payless}

So this is the 2nd set of outfit pictures I took today. Where are the ones from my first outfit? They're in my trash folder, because the wind blew my messy braid everywhere, my glasses were fogged, and it was just all together bad. I may or may not repeat that outfit... until then here is today's (second) outfit. Nothing spectacular. Just a plain top and jeans dressed up by a blazer and some accessories. Ah, the life of a college student...


  1. I love how the belt pulls the whole outfit together! This is such a cute casual look ;)


  2. I really like the belt and the necklace. The shoes are super cute as well!

  3. Love the flower belt and the blazer. And you have such pretty handwriting!


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