06 November 2010

Early Morning Barista

{Dress: Outlet, $2o}{Vest: Charlotte Russe, $15}{Unseen tights: Target}
{Oxfords: Urban Outfitters}
At my job I get unlimited free coffee plus 1 free specialty drink per shift. I like to experiment with flavors, but today I made a white chocolate raspberry mocha. yum.
This is not an attempt at a sultry face. This was the "is that a ghost face." No, seriously. I got to the coffeehouse (oldest building on campus- 1886) while it was still dark this morning. Also, I was the only one there. ALSO, everyone on campus swears its haunted. Yes, I am a scaredy cat.
Lately I've kind of been slacking on my day-to-day routine, hair/face wise that is. Recently I've just let my hair air dry and do whatever it wants, which isn't a problem since it dries stick straight anyways. I usually go to bed with it wet and then the next morning just put on some foundation, eyeliner, and mascara. Literally, I'm generally out the door in 15 minutes flat. However, when running super late I have been known to cut this routine down to just 4 minutes. It's been getting old though, so today I just gave myself an extra 20 minutes to put some waves in my hair and pick out a non-jeans outfit (Although none of my full length pictures turned out). Odd, I used to hardly ever wear jeans this much. I guess that's what college does to you though.
Anyways, after I got off work at noon I went thrifting. Oh man, I hit jackpot. I got
  1. Hot pink vintage blazer and skirt set (That actually fits great!)
  2. Basic fitted black blazer
  3. Blue and white seersucker skirt
  4. Black chiffon mini skirt with tiny polka dots from express
  5. Short-sleeve vintage printed top
  6. Oversized cable-knit sweater
  7. Leopard print top (I've been looking for a good one!)
  8. Ann Taylor LOFT basic orange tee
  9. The CUTEST polka dot dress (although it needs a teeny bit of work)
  10. Navy blazer
  11. White and navy printed blouse
All for a grand total of.... $30.
I'm so proud.

30 for 30 items tomorrow!

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