18 November 2010

Outfit Roundup: 1-5

Eventually I will learn the ins and outs of photoshop. Until then I will have to deal with odd colors, little sizes, and missing feet. Oh well, at least I'm trying :) I did think it was nice to see all of the first five outfits side by side though. So heres a round-up of the pieces I used.

1. Chambray Button-up
2. Blue and White Gingham Printed Button-up
3. Gray and White Striped
4. Printed Blouse

Layering Pieces
5. Black Cardigan
6. J.Crew Cardigan
7. Cream Cardigan

8. Skinny Jeans
9. Navy Slacks

10. Khaki
11. Layered Purple

12. Layered Black Mini

13. Brown Oxfords
14. Nude Flats
15. Black Flats

Wow, exactly half of my items. Hmm...

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