18 November 2010


{Top: GAP Outlet}{Skirt: Target}{Heels: Target}{Cardigan:Old Navy}
{Tights:}{Necklace: Lucky}

To any of you that blog about outfits: Do you ever have a day where you just LOVE what you wear- only to take blog pictures and just not be satisfied? Well, today was one of those days. All day I felt great in what I was wearing; I loved the mix of the black and cream with the red maroon colored tights, the mix of shapes with the tight pencil skirt and flowy layered top, it all just felt like it "worked."

But later on when I was getting blog pictures, nothing really made the pictures show what I was feeling. Seriously, what I saw on the camera was not what I felt like I was seeing in the mirror. Idk, maybe I'm just overly confident until I'm faced with film. Ever have one of those days?


  1. I think you still look great. Like you said the colors just "go" together so well. I think the pictures may be a bit dark, so that is part of what your seeing not matching what you saw. Know what I mean?
    No Guilt Fashion

  2. Yeah, I think that could be part of the problem- in all of these pictures my tights either looked pretty bright, or pretty dull... oh well.
    Thanks for the comment :)

  3. Oh, I totally get you, girl! Sometimes you just have to see the real thing (outfit) to appreciate. But I still love how the pictures turned out! I'm sure the colors were a lot... say, "richer" in real life.

    PS: I love all of your remix outfits so far! Consider me a new follower :P


  4. I think you look great...the outfit's quite cute!
    I do have those days...but usually it's due to poor lighting/picture my outfit details don't show up looking as good as real's happened to me a few times this frusterating!


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