04 November 2010

This Morning

So yesterday I found the cutest bog ever- Sidewalk Ready. Seriously, I would wear every single outfit she styled, and it gave me some major inspiration. I decided that today I would get up early, do my hair, and then get together a really good outfit. Well, that's what I planned on....

What actually happened was something like this:
8:00 am- Alarm goes off; I turn it off... and go back to sleep (the fatal error)
9:38 am- Receive a sweet goodmorning text that wakes me up
9:39 am- While replying to the text, I realize what time it is, and that I have SIX minutes to be at work. Being late to work doesn't just mean I get written up though- it means the girl before me would have to miss class in order to keep the coffee shop open until I get there. I know from experience...
9:40 am- Grab my favorite jeans and literally the first top I see as I open my drawer. Stuff some makeup into my pockets, and get my plain black jacket as I run out the door.
9:44 am- Get lost in the parking lot-in the pouring rain- while trying to find my car... No, I'm not joking
9:47 am- Arrive at work.

Personally, I consider that a pretty big accomplishment. haha :) And I think I'll even post some pictures in a few hours to prove it.

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