12 November 2010

Farewell Tights

{Dress: Fashion Bug}{Tights: Vintage, my mom}{Cardigan: Old Navy}{Flats: Target}
{Necklace: Puerto Rican Store}

Seeing as though I would be spending most of the day at the coffee shop, I decided I wanted something comfortable and relaxed. I picked this solid black layered dress and paired it with my mom's vintage tights and a beige cardigan. I felt very artsy for some reason (I got compliments from 2 art majors today though, so I consider my hypothesis proven, lol.)

Anyways, to get to work I either drive the very short distance, or like today, I walk. On the walk I encounter a long outdoor staircase. The steps vary in size and unfortunately for me I didn't pay any attention to that. I tripped down the concrete stairs- and I don't mean a little whoops, I mean a full out tumble face forward- laptop in one hand, drink in the other. I was so focused on saving what was in my hands, the laptop- not the drink, that I caught myself solely on my knees. Luckily, I saved my laptop (and my drink.) Unluckily, I skinned both my knees 5 year old style- and ruined one of my absolute favorite pairs of tights. So please ignore the random holes in the pictures. Also, please let me know if you happen to run across a pair of maroon polka dot tights.


  1. Awww your poor knees!!! Thank goodness holey tights are somewhat in style!!
    I absolutely LOVE your necklace!!

  2. Awww that's so sad! I runied a fave pair of jeans like that and I was so mad at myself :0) Maybe some high boots would hide that if you wanted to keep the pair!

  3. You changed your layout- I love it! And aw, I'm sorry about your tights, you look a bit sad about it. I know I would be. On the bright side, you look really pretty! Everything about this outfit really works :)

  4. I am sad about the tights- But boots sounds like a good idea! hmmm...
    And thank you all :)

  5. your poor knees and tights! ill keep my eye open for replacements. i am loving this necklace!

  6. Oh Ouch!. It almost looks stylish to have the holes :)

    I'm pretty sure if you buy new tights, they won't last 5 years.

  7. Just noticed you are from Pittsburgh. me too. What part? (I was going to email this but can't seem to find your email. you can email me if you want.

  8. That's so sad for the beautiful tights! Did you really throw them away?


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