13 November 2010

Indian Summer

{Top: Gift}{Skirt: Abercrombie &Fitch}{Belt: Gap Outlet}{Oxfords: Urban Outfitters}

I know... a (too) short floral skirt in November? But guys, it was almost 70ยบ and sunny out today! I was even hot just standing in the sun for pictures. Today was a pretty normal day, just work and class.

About the outfit... I had planned on wearing this outfit with maroon tights. Actually, I've only worn this skirt once without tights, it's just too short for my personal taste. Today I did start out with tights though! It just got too warm to leave them on. Overall I was okay with this outfit, I just felt like it was missing something. This is when I hate being limited to the 30 items!


  1. That skirt is really adorable! It doesn't seem too short to me at all. I don't think you're missing anything with this outfit :0) Love the shoes too!

  2. Oh, floral skirts do work in November! With tights. You're so lucky it's warm and sunny where you live! Love the neutral accents!


  3. Thanks! I like pairing this skirt with tights SO much better though. Since it's in the remix you'll probably be seeing it again shortly. haha


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