03 November 2010

My College Outfit

{Jeans: TJ Maxx}{Tee: Puerto Rican Store}{Cardigan: Forever 21}{Sandals: Forever 21}
{Necklace: Vintage}

With days full of exams, class and work with less than optimal sleep and prep time so many college students seem to just resort to sweats or jeans and a tshirt... Don't get me wrong, I've definitely had a day or two like that. But for the most part, I like to look at least a little put together. This is what has really been working for me lately (in the sense that I can make lots of different combos that are SUPER comfy but still show personality)....

Dark Jeans (They just look nicer than faded ones) + fun tee or tank +
Comfy Cardigan + Necklace

You may have noticed my frequent use of this combination... but sometimes I just cant help it. I promise I'm putting more effort into coming posts though- I have a few waiting and they're really cute :)

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