16 November 2010

Day to Night- Without Changing

{Dress: Urban Outfitters, $15}{Blazer: Thrifted, $4}{Necklace: Urban Outfitters, $8}
{Tights:, $10}{Flats: Payless, $15}
Stereotypical "cheerleader pose"
So this was actually last Friday. I planned on putting the outfit back on to get individual pictures... but that didn't really work out. So here are group pictures; that works right?

Anyways, I wore this all day Friday to classes and work, and around 5:30 pm I was working on a project when I was reminded that I had a banquet to be at in twenty minutes. Thank goodness I chose to dress up for class anyways!

As for the banquet, it was nice to celebrate the end of the football season. All of the players, cheerleaders, and some family members and supporters were there, so it was alot of fun.


  1. Very cute. It does transition well from day to night!

  2. Hey Abby,

    I've been reading your blog for a while now and just wanted to say I really enjoy your posts! I like that you lead a "normal" life, and show us all sides of your journey with school, life, love etc! and i just love how cute you always dress for classes! I look forward to keep reading and seeing what you are wearing! :)

  3. Thank you so much!
    Sometimes I'm afraid the stuff I write is really boring to people I don't know personally. I'm glad you enjoy it :)


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