13 March 2011

Back to the rest of the closet

{Jeans: Old Navy, $4}
{Lace Top: Puerto Rico, $5}
{Cardigan: Gap, $14}
{Owl Necklace: gift}
{Flats: Target, $12}

Don't get me wrong, I love skirts and dresses... but after living a month with only one pair of jeans, it was nice to pick up my long lost bootcuts (I got these sophomore year of high school) and style a simple little outfit around them. And this cardigan- love. It has that cute beading up the side that I can't wait to pair with some dresses for spring and summer.

And to share a little bit of a funny moment (It's only funny now that I'm looking back...) in pictures:
I generally take my own pictures with a self timer that takes 5 pictures at a time. As I was posing by the lake I looked down and noticed my hand was right around duck poop. Grossssss.

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