16 March 2011

A Case of the Mondays

{Top: Vintage Thrifted, $2}
{Jeans: Old Navy, $4}
{Flats: Target, $12}
{Necklace: Forever 21, gift}
{Sweater: Old Navy, $9}

I know most people consider it casual FRIDAY, but for me it's always casual Monday. Maybe it's the fact that I get in the short habit of sleeping in and just can't adjust, or maybe I just enjoy dressing up Friday because I'm so excited for the weekend. I'm honestly not sure, I just know that Friday I will almost always have a cute outfit- but the most you're getting out of me on a Monday is some nice jeans.

Nothing wrong with some nice jeans every once and awhile though- especially when paired with a cute vintage leopard top and the comfiest sweater ever. I jokingly called it my sweater snuggie because I just love it so much. Since I snatched it off the clearance rack last week I pretty much haven't been able to take it off.

So here's to the Mondays- which I had ON Monday, but didn't post until now... Happy Hump day!

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