12 March 2011

30 for 30 Roundup

Whew, well there it is. All 30 outfits- with just 30 items. The biggest mistake I think I made this time was picking items that were either too similar (the 2 cream sheer tops), unable to be worn alone (the maroon tank top), or I just plain didn't love (the 3/4 length brown jacket and plain brown turtleneck.) Although I only wore the black and white striped cardigan once officially, I am glad I included it because I had several times where I changed into it just to be more comfortable, and I didn't have to feel guilty!

Other than that, I do think I relied on my jeans a tad bit too much; and didn't wear most items as much as I could have.

Here are my favorite outfits from the challenge:

So how did everyone else's challenge go??


  1. Love all the maroon, it looks so adorable on you! I will have to keep all this in mind if I decide to ever do a 30/30.

  2. Abby you did a really good 30x30! So much so that the other day I was shopping & came across some maroon tights, and new exactly how I could style them for the upcoming winter. Thanks for being so inspiring :)

  3. Thank you both :)
    And Linda I'm glad I could help you out with the maroon tights!


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