29 March 2011

Over the Weekend

(L-R: Colleen, Sadie, Rachel, and me- for once in my life I'm the tall one!) 

Normally I don't have pictures from an exciting weekend to share, but I do now!  This past weekend Greg drove up from Tennessee and we went to Spring Cotillion with a couple of my friends.  I didn't want to overload you with pictures, but here are a few of my favorites...

Dress: Forever 21, $25
Shoes: Paris Hilton via TJ Maxx, $20
Earrings: Cato's, $2

I actually got my dress while I was in high school (and hadn't put it on since then.) A few weeks ago I got slightly nervous that maybe I underestimated my almost zero weight gain during college (Yay for no freshman fifteen!)  But luckily it still fit pretty perfectly.  And how perfect does Greg match??  We stopped by Macy's during a quick break on Saturday and picked out his shirt and tie in about 10 minutes time. Bonus points 'cause they were both on sale ;)

This is my friend and neighbor Sadie.  Every time a formalish event comes around she claims to be 100% helpless with doing her own hair and I usually volunteer to take over.  Although you would never be able to tell, her hair is a lot thinner than it looks.  Last cotillion she wanted a little bit of a poof with some volumous curls and we actually had to build a poof around a half up bun on the top of her head because it absolutely refused to be teased.  Surprisingly, this was her first up-do.  I thought the braid and curls looked pretty awesome though!

And on top of that awesome weekend- today is Greg's 21st birthday.  Yeah, I'm a little scared.... Just kidding ;)  Even though I'm almost 500 miles away and 100% broke, I have a few little birthday surprises up my sleeve.  As soon as I don't have to keep them a secret from him anymore I'll be sure to blog about it.  Hopefully everything turns out good!

Happy 21st Birthday Greg!

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