02 March 2011

When it Rains

{Dress: H&M, $3}
{Belt: Vintage, Mom's}
{Boots: Kate Spade, $109}
{Socks: hmmmm?}
{Umbrella: Forever 21, $5}
{Earrings: American Eagle, gift}

OK, I need to explain the first picture... Every once and awhile I have my mom take pictures for me. She does a pretty good job- except she's a perfectionist and will literally stand there trying to perfectly align the camera for no joke 2 or 3 minutes. Once she FINALLY gets it aligned she'll say something like this (or specifically this,) "You always stand the same way. Do something different, something cool...... Put your foot in your umbrella."
No joke.
Whenever she comes up with crazy things like that (On my prom pictures she told my friend and I to hug the tree) I always do what she says. It's never what I'm looking for- but it always ends up being a fun picture to look back at.

Anyways, a quick word on the outfit- it literally monsooned in Knoxville yesterday. Hello rainboots and the only umbrella I have at home. Sure it's a little bit kidish and cheap, but you know what- sometimes you just have those types of days.


  1. Umbrellas should be cute and kiddie - it brightens up icky days!

    Love your dress by the way! $3?? WOW.

  2. I love that dress. When I go to H&M I can't even find dresses I like let alone dresses for $3.


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