24 March 2011

{Skirt: Gap, $13}
{Blouse: J. Crew, $30}
{Tights: American Eagle, $4}
{Boots: TJ Maxx, $30}
{Belt: Calvin Klein, Mom's}
{Necklace: The Body Shop, $3}
{Watch: Thrifted, $2}

I know I just mentioned this in a recent post- but recently I've become obsessed with nutella. For my chocoholic self, it's the perfect topping to literally everything. Bananas? Check. Bagels? Check. Just plain by itself? Definitely check. Since I've been a little bit low on things to do lately (finals isn't quite getting to me yet...) I think I'm going to see if I can find a few easy and yummy nutella snacks. If I can find some good ones, you can bet on a post.

Also, this weekend my school is having our annual semi formal Cotillion, and I'm going. I'm actually wearing a dress I bought in high school, but I've never featured it on the blog before, so I think it'll be a good little addition :)


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